July 2020

“When Everything Else Fails. Amateur Radio often times is our last line of defense…When you need amateur radio, you really need them.”

Licking County ARES


Contact Me
Bret Stemen

Upcoming Dates


  • Pataskala Fireworks, Cancelled
  • Buckeye Lake Fireworks, Postponed until Sept. 11th
  • 13 Colonies Special Event stations active now until July 7th (this is always an easy fun event)
  • North American QSO Party – RTTY Mode
  • CQ Worldwide VHF contest


  • 3rd, Ohio SET (Simulated Emergency Test)
    • Field Day 2020, It sure was different this year due to COVID-19, there were several of us that operated from home using the class of 1D or 1E and submitted our own logs to ARRL. I sure did miss seeing everyone in person this year as well as being able to operate as a club and the dinner buffet and long hours. Thank you to everyone the operated this year.

Please welcome our new members:
Bob, N8HQU
Tim, K8TMW
Ken, K8DQ

Wanted: Skilled, dedicated operators.

The Ohio Emergency Operations Center in northwest Columbus has a well-equipped amateur station, W8SGT. “The Sarge” is activated whenever the EOC is put in high gear, and we cooperate with the “Watch Desk” to provide firsthand observations which help them shape their decisions. To maintain the high regard for amateur radio we need to build a much larger team of skilled operators.

  • General or above license
  • NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800 minimum, Auxcomm desired, 300-400 a plus
  • Specific operating skills (experience in two or more below):
    • Net control
    • Contesting
    • Message traffic
    • Digital communications (DMR/Fusion/fldigi/WinLink/etc.)
  • Military or Emergency response a plus (MARS, SHARES,MARCS. etc.)
  • Level head, able to handle stress and high activity
  • Desired: within one-hour drive to 161/315 vicinity
  • Ability to dedicate time and energy to an important program
    • Responsible for one Tuesday evening net per month, on call that week o training on the last Tuesday of each month
    • Ability to respond if activated
    • Ability to pass background check

If you are interested, email stan@standi.com or kd8phg@gmail.com.

ARES Connect

You can access ARES Connect through our website at https://licking-ares.org and be sure to check out the new and updated site while you are there. We are working on getting the power point presentation posted to our website.

Everyone – please make sure to go into all of the events that you have signed up for and get your hours registered no later than 3 days after the event has ended.

June hours for Connect users as of 6/30/2020

Name Events Hours
1 Bret Stemen (KD8SCL) 25 98.50
2 Dwight Bonifield (W8TJT) 108 77.45
3 Earl Paazig (W8BR) 21 67.25
4 Alan Rothweiler (N8CJ) 8 60.00
5 Ronald Jones (WE8V) 11 42.00
6 Eldon Peterson (W5UHQ) 17 32.00
7 C. Weldon Mathews (K8NQ) 15 31.50
8 Thom Thorpe (AD8AG) 11 23.50
9 LaVergne Pabian (N8HLP) 15 22.50
10 James Neal (WD8JLP) 17 18.00
11 Steven Katz (N8WL) 14 17.50
12 Leo Dubois, Jr. (KE8OOS) 2 14.00
13 Michael Mickelson (KD8DZ) 6 11.00
14 Douglas Wright (KD8EIK) 6 8.00
15 Scott Long (K8SM) 4 7.50
16 H. Tim Reed (KA8PCP) 6 6.50
17 Richard Leffler (W8RLL) 5 6.00
18 Joseph Chalker (KF7INU) 2 4.00
19 Joseph Montell (KC8MTU) 2 4.00
20 Matthew Smith (KE8GTP) 2 4.00
21 Tim Winkler (K8TMW) 5 4.00
22 John Bail (W8BWD) 1 3.00
23 Tom Ecleberry (WB8YOK) 1 3.00
24 Robert Kenyon (K8LJ) 1 3.00
25 Daniel Lasorso (KD8OFT) 3 3.00
26 Samuel Mader (KE8MPQ) 1 3.00
27 Stephen Sardini (KA8HKC) 1 2.00
28 R. Pineda (KD8FVV) 2 1.50
29 Amanda England (KE8DTN) 1 1.00
30 Scott England (KE8CIK) 1 1.00
31 Ken Hagans (K8DQ) 1 1.00
32 Douglas Pack (W7TPS) 1 1.00
33 Duane Meadows (K8MDA) 1 0.50
Total 317 582.20

Additional Information:

Local Nets:
ARES Nets, July 1st & 15th at 21:00,
NARA Nets, Every Tuesday evening at 21:00,
COOKEN Nets, Every Thursday evening at 20:30
Ohio ARES HF Net, Every Tuesday evening at 19:00, 3.850MHZ
Fairfield Co. ARES Nets, Every Monday evening at 19:00,146.700 pl 94.8
Fairfield Co. ARC Nets, Every Monday Evening at 21:00,147.030 pl 71.9
Licking Co. DMR Nets, Every Saturday Evening at 21:00, TG31685

Club Meetings:
COOKEN Club, Saturday July 11th at 12:00, Phone/video conference call, open to all. Contact Mike KD8DZ for more information. **Pending**

NARA Club, Saturday July 18th at 18:00, Phone/video conference call, open to all. Contact Weldon K8NQ for more details.


Licking County EMA has contracted with a company to provide early warning to residents regarding floods and dangerous weather situations (tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings). As of this printing, there are only 1700 out of 170,000 that have signed up. That is 1%… Let’s help get the word out about this life-saving feature.

It’s free and easy to register for this system. Go to https://lcounty.com, click on departments, then to safety, then EMA and click on the big word “RAVE”. You can put in as much or as little information as you desire. For those who do not have computer access or have difficulty using one, please reach out and assist them.