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How to Join

Licking County ARES is open to any Amature Radio operator who lives in Licking County, Ohio. If you are interested is joining this growing organization download the Application below and send it to ec@licking-ares.org.

ARES Application

Current Membership

Bret Stemen, KD8SCL

Emergency Coordinator

328 Pataskala Ridge Dr.
Pataskala, Ohio 43062
H: 740-963-9056
C: 614-778-3754
Alan Rothweiler, N8CJ
AEC Event & Training
340 Gregory Drive
Newark, Ohio 43055
H: 740-366-6473
C: 740-403-1244
Russ Payne, W8ATA
AEC-LC EMA Operations
206 Quentin Rd North
Newark, Ohio 43055
H: 740-366-5823
C: 740-258-3747
Scott England, KE8CIK
79 Carey Ln
Heath, Ohio 43056
H: 740-522-8728
C: 740-644-2000
Matthew Smith, KE8GTP
AEC-CERT Liaison
677 Sharon Valley Rd
Newark, Ohio 43050
H: N/A
C: 740-398-5844

Jimmy Amrine, KB8TRL
Todd Anderson, KD8TNR
Tate Antrim, WD8QFV
(Robert) Joseph Badgeley, KD8BKB
John ( JD ) Bail, W8BWD
Ashley Baker, N8KXF
Constance Barsky, WD8ODC
Wanda Baughman, KD8IHX
Daniel C. Blevins, W8DCB
Chris Calhoun, K8CBC
Joseph Chalker, KF7INU
David Clement, KB8VIL
David Crase, N2KNC
Joey Dawson, KD8PEP
David Doyle, KB3DAJ
Bobbe Ecleberry, KA8ECL
Tom Ecleberry, WB8YOK
Lucas Eichar, KD8PPJ
Scott England, KE8CIK
Amanda England, KE8DTN
Patrick Gibson, KD8ION
Sean Grady, W1GDY
Mike Harris, WA8P
Douglas Harvey, KC8TVL
Anna Hollenback, KD8JJM
Kevin Howard, KD8DNO
Steve Katz, N8WL
Robert Kenyon, K8LJ
Scott A. Keyes, AC8PT
Scott Long, K8SM
Lindsay Long, KD8EIP
Jenny Long, KD8OEI
Aaron Long, W8AJL
Michael Ludwig, KB8VQJ
Weldon Mathews, K8NQ
Mary Beth Mathews, KD8OMU
Jeremy Mayo, KD8TNQ
Robert McKenna, N8HQU
Michael Mickelson, KD8DZ
Larry Mitchell, KB8RNW

Joseph Montell, KC8MTU
Donald Montell, WB8TXW
Greg Moore, KD8GUD
Shawn Morris, K8SRM
Brett Mowrey, KD8EIN
Tyler Musick, KD8ALM
(James) Mike Neal, WD8JLP
Fred Nickerson, NL7CF
Larry O’Neal, W8LCO
Earl Paazig, N8KBR
Bobby Parker, KE8EKW
Russ Payne, W8ATA
Eldon Peterson, W5UHQ
Laura Pugh, KD8TNI
Matthew Rausenberg, KD8OEG
Tim Reed, KA8PCP
Ben Reed, KC8YBM
Mark Regan, K8MTR
Alan Rothweiler, KD8TNS
Stephen Sardini, KA8HKC
Lon Skay, KD8UIC
Brandon Smith, KD8NRX
Melissa Smith, KD8ONB
Matthew Smith, KE8GTP
Randy Spiker, KD8RLS
Bret Stemen, KD8SCL
John Sullivan, N8DFQ
Robert Taggart, K8RYA
Fritz Tender, WD8E
Robin Thompson, KB8RJT
John Tipka, W8UL
William Ulmer, KY8OTE
Jeff Walker, KD8YUM
Luke Wiseman, KD8ZHP
Dennis Wolfe, KD8DNM
Gina Wolfe, KD8IXF
Brian Wolfe, KD8IXG
Susan Wolfe, KD8IXH
Jeff Wolfe, KD8TNH
Eva Marie Wolfe, KD8TYD
Douglas Wright, KD8EIK

ARES Membership Explained

Level 1 – This is our “Entry” Level. Some may not want to advance beyond this level and that’s OK. Level 1 persons are those who have not completed the 4 basic NIMS (ICS) courses (IS-100, 200, 700 & 800)

If you elect not to get any of this training there are activities that you still be able to participate in (parades, races and similar events.)

Level 2 – This is where we hope that everyone will eventually land.