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How to Join

Licking County ARES is open to any Amature Radio operator who lives in Licking County, Ohio. If you are interested is joining this growing organization simply fill out our online application or download a copy and send it to ec@licking-ares.org.

Current Membership

Alan Rothweiler, N8CJ
Emergency Coordinator
Newark, Ohio 43055
H: 740-366-6473
C: 740-403-1244
Bret Stemen, KD8SCL
Assistant Emergency Coordinator
EMA Liaison
Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator
Pataskala, Ohio 43062
C: 614-778-3754
Russ Payne, W8ATA
Assistant Emergency Coordinator
Served Agency Liaison
Newark, Ohio 43055
H: 740-366-5823
C: 740-258-3747
Matthew Smith, KE8GTP
Assistant Emergency Coordinator
CERT Liaison/Webmaster
Newark, Ohio 43050
C: 740-398-5844

Tate Antrim, WD8TA
(Robert) Joseph Badgeley, KD8BKB
John ( JD ) Bail, W8BWD
Constance Barsky, WD8ODc
David Doyle, KB3DAJ
Bobbe Ecleberry, KA8ECL
Tom Ecleberry, WB8YOK
Lucas Eichar, KD8PPJ
Scott England, KE8CIK
Amanda England, KE8DTN
Patrick Gibson, KD8ION
Sean Grady, W1GDY
Steve Katz, N8WL
Robert McKenna, W8KOU
Michael Mickelson, KD8DZ
Scott Long, K8SM
Michael Ludwig, KB8VQJ
Weldon Mathews, K8NQ
Mary Beth Mathews, KD8OMU
Dick Leffler, W8RLL
Douglas Pack, W7TPS
Dwight Bonifield, W8TJT

Joseph Montell, KC8MTU
(James) Mike Neal, WD8JLP
Fred Nickerson, NL7CF
Earl Paazig, W8BR
Russ Payne, W8ATA
Alan Rothweiler, N8CJ
Matthew Smith, KE8GTP
Bret Stemen, KD8SCL
Fritz Tender, WD8E
Tim Winkler, K8TMW
Eldon Peterson, W5UHQ
Ken Hagans, K8DQ
LaVergne Pabian, N8HLP
Leo Dubois, KE8OOS
Michelle Burns, KD8YEA
Ron Jones, WE8V
Thom Thorpe, AD8AG
Beau Pineda KD8FVV
Don Gerbig KE8OUJ
Jeff Kohler KE8SGB
Jeff Davis N8ADX

         Douglas Wright, KD8EIK, SK

ARES Membership Explained

Level 1 – This is our “Entry” Level. Some may not want to advance beyond this level and that’s OK. Level 1 persons are those who have not completed the 4 basic NIMS (ICS) courses (IS-100, 200, 700 & 800)

If you elect not to get any of this training there are activities that you still be able to participate in (parades, races and similar events.)

Level 2 – This is where we hope that everyone will eventually land.

 This means that you have completed all of the above courses, and you are competent operating within the Incident Command Structure.

Level 3 – This is our Management Level. This level will require you to have completed all of the previous requirements in Level 2, plus the additional NIMS (ICS) courses (IS-300 & 400). This is mostly for management (E.C.’s, D.E.C.’s and higher), but anyone can qualify.

The extra courses IS 300/400 are the structure for managing within the EMA office or at an incident scene and they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

We do recognize that IS-300/400 requires multiple days of actual classroom training that is not easily obtained. So, if you just can’t find the time to fit these class room courses in, we do have an alternative method for getting you to Level 3. Completing the following “FREE” and “ONLINE” courses will act as substitute for you FEMA Leadership Development Course requirements. You absolutely will need to complete all 7 of these courses to get your ICS 300/400 credit. Here are the coursesthat you need to take:

IS-120, 230, 240, 241, 242, 244 & 288.

Skywarn training is not mandatory, but is highly recommended for all levels.

“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

Howard Ruff

“Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”

Franz Kafka

“There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.”

Different Seasons, Stephen King

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