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Licking County ARES…


328 Pataskala Ridge Drive
Pataskala, Ohio 43062

Local Repeaters

146.88 PL141.3
444.500 PL141.3



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Hams are the people who nearly cause traffic accidents because they are gaping at awesome antennas when they should be paying attention to their driving.more like Christ.

ARRL Inc., ARRL's Small Antennas for Small Spaces

Because Amateur Radio can bypass the normal Internet, telephone, and postal systems, particularly over the long-distance HF bands, many foreign governments have a legitimate interest in limiting this loss of revenue.

American Radio Relay League, The ARRL General Class License Manual

The most popular ham radio event of all is called ARRL Field Day, held on the fourth full weekend of June every year.

ARRL Inc., The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

Licking County ARES welcomes all amateur radio operators.