District 7, County ARES Net Information

Delaware Co: First Thursday of the month at 20:00, 145.190 (no tone), second Thursday is in person training.
District 7: COTN, Daily at 19:15, 146.970 (PL 123.0) **
Fairfield Co:
Franklin Co: 1st, 2nd & 4th Wednesday at 20:00, 147.060 (PL 94.8).
3rd Wednesday is in- person meeting at 19:30 is currently an on-air meeting.
Fayette Co: No ARES Net, County repeaters, 147.270 (PL 77), 444.6125 (PL 77), 442.075 (PL 77)
Knox Co: Every Sunday at 21:00, 146.790 (PL 71.9)
Licking Co: 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 21:00, 146.880 (PL 141.3), 444.500 (PL 141.3) Back-up
DMR Skywarn, Every Saturday at 21:00, TG 31685
Madison Co: None
Marion Co: Every Wednesday at 19:00, 147.300
Every Thursday at 21:00, ARES Digital Net, 147.700 MT-63 2KL
Ohio ARES: Every Tuesday at 19:00, 3.901 +/- MHZ
OHDEN: Every Tuesday at 19:45, 3584.500 +/-, 1500 HZ waterfall using Olivia 8-500
Pickaway: 1st – 3rd (5th when applicable) Mondays at 19:30, 147.180 (PL 74.4)
Union Co: Every Monday at 21:00, 145.3520 (PL127.3)

This list will help D7 neighboring counties check into each others nets as well as other D7 counties. This will accomplish several things, it will help us to know that our comms into another county can/will happen in the event that we would need stations outside of our county to help with communications. It would also help build a relationship with your neighboring counties.

**As Mark has given blessing to COTN operating as the D7 net, we were happy to operate in support of the recent Red Cross exercise. To be clear about the role of COTN in D7: just as ECs coordinate resources to support the operators out there doing the job, the District is there to support the counties’ ECs and their operations. COTN in regular sessions meets at 19:15 (local) daily and is always happy to take any messages you need to move out of your county to another within the District or up to the Section or beyond. In addition to our daily nets, we can spin up at any time needed, and are prepared to accept arbitrary format traffic. If you’ve got a message, a destination, and can tell us whom it’s from, we can take it and move it.
We’re hoping that this fun little exercise will help to strengthen the ties between COTN and the ARES members in D7, making us generally easier to find and more useful to ARES. Got a message for an EC in D7? Get it to COTN and we’ll take care of the rest. Got something to the DEC? Get it to COTN. The idea is not all stations even need to be on the net at the same time, but someone can take traffic there and we’ll hand it off to a station on the net and either find a route to get it delivered or hold it on that net so when the station joins, we can relay the traffic. We handle digital, voice, CW, with relays up and down to the rest of the country via 8RN, down to the counties, into Winlink, and direct paths to served agencies in the area, including county EOCs, and state agencies with stations that happen to be in D7.
Details are at http://www.cotn.us/news/congratulateastronautsbehnkenandhurleybyamateurradio
Matthew Curtin, KD8TTE