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The Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is ARRL’s annual exercise to demonstrate the ability to work in emergency conditions. It is held on the first full weekend of October, this year, October 3 and 4. In the days before the start of the test, information will start coming our way about the scenario, which agencies will be asking for help, and what tasks we’ll have to perform. Prepare now by planning to participate in a long exercise, full of challenge, learning, and fun performing critical communications services in simulated emergency conditions. The Ohio Section ARES is providing training to operators looking to perform critical tasks well. Sign up now to join in the training program to take place over the next six weeks. Thank you for all you do! https://forms.gle/Rkwe4GbSkLiqYDAv5.

This training on message traffic handling (Radiogram) can and/or will be a vital part of our communications in and out the county for our served agencies when the need arises.

We encourage everyone to sign up for this training, this can be a refresher course for those that have past and current experience and an opportunity for those of you that would like to learn another way of communication.

Visit https://www.blackswancomex.org/2020 for more information.

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