Licking County is a member of the national Amateur Radio Emergency Service which is part of the American Radio Relay League. ARES has formal agreements with all Disaster Response Agencies at National and State Leve in addition to county level. Click this link for more ARES national information.

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Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®)   Licking County Ohio

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 Our Served Agencies.

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We proudly support Licking EM with backup communications.

We provide reports to COSWN from Licking County

We provide backup communications support and training to Licking CERT our newest served agency.

ARES has recently signed a MOU for a new cooperative relationship in providing emergency communications for Red Cross.

Our members support Wilmington NOAA with SKYWARN spotters

Medical Reserve Corps of Licking County (MRC) and Licking County Health Department.

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Radar and Lightning Products (NWS EDD is LICKING-ARES preferred Source) 

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Licking Advisories

A verbose Youtube video on getting the most out of EDD ( extended data display from NWS )

A shorter  Youtube video on  using EDD ( extended data display from NWS )


A new table that describes what the NWS wants on our severe wx reports including winter hazards has been added.

New Updated member and leadership list as of January 27, 2017

New Membership Application Forms  Word and PDF versions as of January 27,2016


The purpose of this website is to provide the basic information needed by ARES® volunteers in Licking County, Ohio during an emergency activation as well provide outsiders information about this volunteer group. This website defines the roles and responsibilities of Federal Communications Commission licensed amateur radio operators volunteering for Emergency Communications service in Licking County,  Ohio.  Note:  You may need to enable pop-ups for some of the windows on this website.

The Licking County Net was developed to relay Licking county mobiles to the Central Ohio Weather Net that operates on 146.760.  Many locations in Licking county are not able to contact that net and we try to provide a relay service for reports that need to be relayed to NWS via N8WX in Columbus or other means.

Our EC developed a Facebook Group which can be used to track status during severe weather spotting in Licking County.  We encourage all ARES members to join the group and monitor status updates issued during storms.  If you are a Facebook Member  -  Enter Licking County ARES in the facebook search box and then join group.  You will then be notified about any status changes on your Facebook account or instant messenger/ smart phone  link into Facebook. Please help Steve perfect this challenging new technology.

The Amateur Radio Operator's Role in Emergency Communications

Public service has been a traditional component of the Amateur Radio service since 1913.  Amateurs at the University of Michigan and The Ohio State University, in conjunction with other individual operators in and around the region, successfully bridged the communications gap created by a severe windstorm in the Midwest.  At that time, disaster support work was not very organized and was performed spontaneously at best. Today that scenario has transformed into one of a structured organization with mutual support from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and National Traffic System (NTS).  Today's ARES® members provide needed communications assistance to their communities during a natural or other disaster, but it doesn't stop there.  They also may be engaged for public service events - parades, marathons, etc.

Who Receives The Benefits Of Our Volunteer Service?

Emergencies and disasters can strike at any time, causing injury, death and economic loss. As our communities become larger, more diverse, and interrelated, the numbers and types of potential disasters increase, with outcomes that impact our social, political, and technological systems.

Generally the obligation to respond to emergencies falls to local government. But what happens when the capacity of local, state, or even national government becomes overwhelmed by the magnitude of an emergency or a disaster?

There is an eventual saturation point where government is unable to protect and aid its citizens, especially when those governments are constrained by lack of funds, personnel, and equipment. It is at that point when ARES® may be asked to help with communications to help in the orderly conduct of government business that benefits all in the impacted area. Such requests can be made by virtually every public agency to include local emergency management, police, fire, hospitals,  quasi-government organizations like the American Red Cross and its subcontractors, and private and religious groups, and business corporations.

ARES® provides supplemental disaster communications for the Licking County Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Licking County Emergency Management Agency, and to public safety organizations and communications for other groups for their special events. ARES®, which has developed since 1935, is a part of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Organization. 

ARES® can have several functions depending on a community's or area's needs. ARES® groups can provide checkpoint communications for events such as parades and marathons, or run special event stations for special town events such as festivals and large gatherings.

In times of disaster, ARES® can provide communications in many situations. For example, amateur radio operators can provide point to point communications between shelters, assist in recovery efforts, provide weather reports in weather disasters via the National Weather Service ARES® SKYWARN program, and send messages where normal communications have failed via the National Traffic System.

ARES® groups can be very small, tight-knit groups, to large groups encompassing up to 100 or 200 ham operators. It depends on how large of an area and how active the ham operators are in a given area.

We hope you make good use of this site.  It will make your ARES® experience more valuable to all.

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