What is ares connect?

  • Volunteer management platform
    • Admin creates a one time or recurring event (nets, meetings, lunches, etc.)
    • A volunteer can sign up for events.
    • A volunteer is able to log their hours and track their activity.
    • Reporting, Ohio is the only state at this time that uses Connect for monthly and annual reporting.
    • Communications, Ability to send email & text alerts through Connect to Connect members.
    • National standard for ARES management platform.

Who uses ares connect?

  • Any ARES member.*
  • Any amateur radio operator that wants to track their activities and or hours, no membership to ARES is required, but is encouraged*
  • Section Leadership
  • Section Manager
    • Section Emergency Coordinator
    • District Emergency Coordinator
    • Local Emergency Coordinator
    • Local Assistant Emergency Coordinator

*Must have an active account on ARES Connect