Licking County Ohio
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARESŪ)






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Standard Operating Procedure

Useful Information for the ARESŪ Member

These pages include the preparation and operational procedures to be followed when an emergency occurs. These actions include alert and actual activation, net operation, traffic handling, and some of the tools and equipment needed to support emergencies. The other pages under this procedure are intended to be a quick reference for any of the possible assignments you might come up against while working with ARESŪ. Printing of those pages is suggested and made part of your emergency kit.

Volunteer Attitude

Your attitude is more important than your radio skills. By maintaining a professional and helpful attitude, served agencies will point with pride to ham's efforts and accomplishments. Our name says that we are "Amateurs," its real reference is to the fact that we are not paid for our efforts. It need not imply that our efforts or demeanor will be anything less than professional. "Professionalism" means getting the job done efficiently -- with a minimum of fuss. No matter which agency you serve -- emergency management, the Red Cross, or others, it is helpful to remember that emergency communications volunteers are like unpaid employees. If you maintain the attitude that you are an employee of the agency you are serving, with all that employee status implies, there is little chance for you to go astray. You are there to help solve their communication problems. Do whatever you can, within reason, to accomplish that goal, and avoid becoming part of a problem between them and us.

The links below lists topics that will answer most questions.

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