Membership to the Mailing List

On this web page you can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the reflector mailing list

The purpose of the list is share ARES experiences and request help from our other local members.  Your EC will use his official list you registered with to be on this Blog type list server.

Yes, I want to become a member of the mailing list .
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Once you have sent in this application, you will receive an answer from the reflector. It is very important to verify your registration on that email as soon as you get it.  You may, for that first time , have look in your SPAM filter until the reflector server address appears in your address list, your email may reject it.

You will not officially be on the list until you answer the verification that you are the person on the list. As soon as you are officially on the list, announce your presence to other members by sending out an introductory post that includes your FCC call.

It may take a day or two until you get your first response.  This is so we can moderate the list of applicants to real  Licking-ARES members.

This reflector is meant to be used for ARES related postings only.  No business or add postings please.

73   Licking ARES Webmaster.