Licking County Ohio
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARESŪ)






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ARESŪ Alert Procedure

During an emergency, contacting the members of ARESŪ is a critical first step. Power outages, telephone interruptions and repeater problems can all interfere with our ability to communicate with our members.  Therefore, when any ARESŪ members are aware of or have reason to believe that an emergency may be in progress, they should listen to the local repeaters listed in Section 4.1 of the Emergency Communications Plan to see if a net is in progress. The repeaters should be the first attempt to get the personnel needed to start covering the emergency.

The next step is to attempt to contact the ARESŪ members via telephone. ARES EC and AEC's have access to the county One Call Now and they can send out bulk calls to the ARES members  :A telephone call up list is no longer included in this website due to privacy concerns.    It is not likely that all telephone lines will be out at the same time.  Those Amateurs who have received the call-up should attempt to contact other members in person or by any other means available.  HOWEVER, NEVER enter any zone that maybe dangerous to you. 

The EC and AECs have access to posting bulletins on our Real Time Share page for mission updates for longer term missions. This service is provided to ARES free of charge from the COOKEN radio club. That is the best place to bring membership up to date with a single place to receive Situation Reports and logistical information for mission support.  That

The radio and television stations are another route to being able to alert ARESŪ members that they are needed.  When using other sources, be sure to have the media include a reporting location and a frequency that they can report in on.  Be sure there is someone to meet them at the chosen location, or frequency. Normally the EC or an AEC will be the first notified. However, other ARESŪ members who are normally available most of the time will be listed with the various emergency services. 

There is one other important rule of thumb in this area; never report on an emergency scene without instructions to do so.  If our ARESŪ services are needed, we will be called out , so spend that extra time making sure you are ready just in case.  ARESŪ members are encouraged to have a hand-held or mobile radio with them (or in an available jump kit) at all times. An important distinction applies to CERT support operations.  CERT / ARES members are authorized to self activate under certain conditions.  Consult applicable CERT Guidelines for this type of operation.

.ARES nets are not intended to give out status to curious listening stations.  Please limit repeater conversations to that necessary for net conduct and service to our agencies and refer all requests for information to appropriate media outlets.